Comments - I'm sorry :(

kylexthexmagnificent ( F P C ) at 2011-12-16

Wow this is really good. Definitely felt the emotions of this while I was reading it. :)

Love and Peace ( C D ) at 2011-12-23

So pure so sensitive poem it is really i loved it

damon rusher ( F P ) at 2011-12-24

Its deep and very good

Josh ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-13

Reminds me of my ex =( 5/5

lost angel ( F P ) at 2012-01-17

Loved it!! all of it just perfect.

damon rusher ( F P ) at 2012-01-20


Deepansh at 2012-01-20

Nice one....

Ruqayyah TG at 2012-01-23

Wow, deep emotions I love it, I've never seen so perfectly rhyming poems, Your's is excellently amazing, talented loved...So far in my favorites !

john ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-31

Love it great work 5

Jay Kamwetu at 2012-02-20

Its pure bliss darlin...pure bliss

ArtistrySoul ( F C D ) at 2012-02-26

Really nice poem :), well written

*NiCoLe* ( F P C ) at 2012-02-27

Very well written! I could feel so much emotion from this.

VeinsofHate ( F C ) at 2012-03-02

"I'm sorry for the heart I broke,
that shattered with the words I spoke.
I'm sorry for the empty space,
that laid beside you in my place."

most favorite part out of the whole poem, for me it really captures the mood and its so heartbreaking to read but such an amazing poem

lost angel ( F P ) at 2012-03-11

It was reallyyyyyyy good. i mean fantastic you dont need to change that at all. you are just great!!

Tracy D Rollings ( F P C D ) at 2012-03-27

Very nice poem, well written , great job, keep it up and thanks ....... ur friend Tracy d

Girl of Conviction ( F P C D ) at 2012-04-01

Aww very well written girly :]]

allex0r at 2014-10-31

Em why is this so on point :(