Comments - Remainders Of a Broken heart

MyStErIoUs GiRl ( F C D ) at 2011-12-14

I wish I could help, hope things get better soon:) a gd poem

Alexandra Jozelia ( F C ) at 2011-12-14

Don't Stay Like this, things are going to get better soon.. Amazing Poem ! Sad but Beautiful... I loved It <3

Angel Eyes Mixed With Demotic Lo ( F P C D ) at 2011-12-14

This is an amazing poem, i really enjoyed reading it :) its a beautifully written piece of art..

Jacob ( F D ) at 2011-12-14

I totally understand! Fantastic poem!

Georgia ( F C ) at 2011-12-14

This is beautiful and powerfully written 5/5

Innocent Fairy ( F P C D ) at 2011-12-15

Wow such deep grave emotion and heartfelt and touching I relate to the broken heart had a few myself kinda how u stop believen in love and how much it hurts,,you wrote this poem greatly I loved reading it had so much imagery and deepness and emotion 5/5

Jaida ( F C ) at 2012-02-02

I like this alot...

Khalid ( F P C D ) at 2012-12-18

Totally emotional, full of feelings. I loved it my friend. Keep penning.