Comments - Other Than You

Kimmy at 2005-05-14

Your poem really helps me a lot. Im really glad that you wrote it. This poem reminds me about my boyfriend. He does crazy things but I still love him even though...

Cheyanne ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-16

wow I really loved this poem, it's great :)
keep it up

David Toh ( F ) at 2005-05-16

this poem is good = )

Kandy Starkey ( F C ) at 2005-05-16

Excellent flow! Nicely written. I know where you are coming from, easy to relate with. Keep it up!

Shenoah at 2005-05-16

Hi i really like this poem it really helped me through so ruff times thank you

Seductive ( F P C ) at 2005-05-16

i liked ur flow

Leanne at 2005-05-16

That is really good. I really like it. Look forward to readin more of ur stuff.

Kristen ( F P C ) at 2005-05-16

wow..that gave me chillss..i know exactly how you're feeling..i like the concept of "other than you" and its a beautifully written poem..great job

supastargurl4eva ( F ) at 2005-05-16

hunni, gr8 poem but u n i no u can do better than dave. keep smilin n ull get thru this.
love alwayz,

*~$~Kate~$~* at 2005-05-16

Hey I loved ur poem.. this is what happen to me just a while ago.. You are in my favorites now. Super. Loved your poem. +5

Beba at 2005-05-16

GREAT JOB!!! This one was great 5/5 i can relate to this on so many levels. Chck out some of my poems rate and comment when u get a chance.Take care keep up the good work!

Hayley at 2005-05-16

Hay Girl,
This is a really great poem, it touched my heart :) Keep up the great work!!

TrinityAnderson ( C ) at 2005-05-17

awww.. really sad.. made me cry.. 5/5.

peg at 2005-05-17

Fabulous write, loved the flow of the

Shorty at 2005-05-17

This is a great poem keep up the awesum work.. i can relate to this alot cuz im going through the same thing right now! check out sum of my pomes if u get a chance

jayme at 2005-05-17

wow.... thats all i can say! this poem was Outstanding! it just hits right where i needed it! a couple months back this is exactly what i needed! this is really good!

Elvira ( F P C ) at 2005-05-17

great poem....i can really relate

Pamela at 2005-05-17

Oh my!!...this poem is good and I m ean GOOD!!...Its exactly how Im felling right now...So keep writing your awesome(y)..:D

nichole ( F C D ) at 2005-05-17

This is a really good poem. You should read some of my poems sometime. DOnt forget to vote and comment

Sam at 2005-05-17

great poem i give it a 5

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