Comments - Crying

pixie ( P ) at 2008-03-02

;_; that was sweet!!!!
omigawd.... it was sad though..

neo ( F P C ) at 2008-04-08

Excellent poem

Meaghan at 2008-05-14

Wow that poem was amazing. it made me really think about how i relate to that
Thanks for a great read!

Anne Taguibao at 2009-07-25

If that poem happened for real then the girl you're referring to is the loser..:(
Your poem is so touching but sad..anyway,hope you find the right one.

Em ( F P C D ) at 2009-10-28

Beautiful, 5/5. Em

demonue at 2011-03-16

This is really amazing!!!

tainted melody ( F P C D ) at 2012-02-15

This was beautiful and gentle...the way good love poems should be. great job :)

manzoor ( C ) at 2012-02-22

Nice poem i like it

Scarlet Letter ( F D ) at 2012-07-03

Well i made this one guy i loved cry and i was wonderng if i could read this to him i would say you wrote it promise you.

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