Comments - You'll Find Someone Else

Ihedigbo adaku at 2015-08-12

Its a beautiful writeup.keep up d gudwork

Hemmy Leo at 2015-08-29

Have always love this poem all time all day...

Mira K at 2016-01-01

It sure made me cry,.

Daniel Danchizz at 2016-02-22

Oh! what a piece, I love the just story. it's full of feelings and the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions and sentiment are incredible!
love your work

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-03-01

A beautiful love story so well written xx

Lyn of philippines at 2016-04-01

I love it


Judy Sullivan at 2016-07-02

Tiny dancer, I really liked this poem. It's very touching & sad. As I read it, it gave me chills w/teary eyes. Great rhyming

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