Comments - Growing Old With You

Stephen ( F P C D ) at 2010-03-10

Such a great poem, almost made me cry 5\5!!

nina at 2010-03-22

Macha2a allah
that seamed soooo powerful and simply so beautiful
great poem
keep creating

Su ( F C ) at 2010-05-05

Reminds me of the movie "up" :)

hehasmyheart ( F P ) at 2011-09-15

Wow that was beautiful

victor dyck ( C ) at 2012-03-16

Thetruebeautyofalastiingmarriage Atdunkindonutsinjamaicaplain

Danyell Daniels at 2012-04-17

That was a very goooood poem:)

MissBehaving ( F C D ) at 2012-04-26

Very well told story. It has really good punctuation and flows very well. Good Job! I loved it! ^^ 5/5

Ellis at 2013-07-28

Such an amazing write, we can all only hope we are lucky enough to find the one

LittleMsPink ( F P C D ) at 2014-06-11

Im crying
This is amazing

courtney at 2014-12-26

Loved it!!

Waina Honey at 2015-01-12

This poem made me cry!! I only believed my own poems could make me cry... You are truly gifted.. reminded me of the notebook but I see how you twisted it up.. great stuff!

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