Comments - A Prayer Before Sleeping

Ashley at 2006-06-28

Wow! A other amazing poem that you have done. so amazingly beautiful and romantic. *thumbs up*

lovin*him*but*so*unwanted at 2006-07-11

Wow. Thats amazing.

Andi ( F P C ) at 2006-10-08

I loved this...pretty much wat everyones looking 4, someone to love! i hope u find that perfect someone! ur a really great writer and should definately keep it up!!! if u could comment on my poems id love it

Poet ( C ) at 2006-10-17

This is 1 of tha best poems i have seen

Zack O.o ( F C ) at 2006-10-21

It's very well written I found it kind of interesting that with every frickin couplet you wrote I could put into me and my girlfriend =p nicly written

*~*Jackie J*~* at 2006-11-16

Damn nice poem, its hard to find guys whao can express like that because of a girl, and if u havent find her u will, and if u have her, shes so damn lucky....

~*SarahK*~ ( F ) at 2006-11-20

This is really good. Reading it made me feel like it was something my boyfriend would write to me. Good job! :)

~!*PeAcHeZ*!~ aKa ~!*MrZ.MiTcHeL ( C ) at 2007-01-04

5/5 awwww thiz poem waz so sweet:)) i loved it i hope u keep on writing cuz u got talent boii! i enjoyed reading every line and word of that poem, it waz juzt so sweet, i wizh somebody felt that way bout me.:((
well thatz all i gotta say im out
much love from

Daddys Girl ( F P C ) at 2007-01-11

AAAWWW! that's so sweet! Wow! I wish there were more guys like that around where I live! lol. Anyways- amazing job! I totally love it! 5/5 for sure!

More at 2007-03-03

Cute. really cute.

Ashley at 2007-03-06


Bradley Peter ( F P C ) at 2007-03-12

Well I thought that was very, very good. Normally I would state my favorite stanza, but it's too hard to pick one, so I'm just going to say they're all equally good. Although, I do think that the 12th stanza, about 'Big Papa Love' was the funniest by far. I loved the wording. The flow and rhymes were superb. Well done. Also, it's nice to see a good male writer. I don't know about anyone else, but I rarely see a a decent male writer, so thanks for that.


ONE ♥ at 2007-04-04


Wallace ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-02

Excellent love poem, I've always thought that love poems were the best poems and you reminded me of that.

Lauren at 2007-05-07

This is a great poem and I like your others too! I hope that you keep posting :)

gabriella ( C ) at 2007-05-17

Wow thats all ican say. thegirl who wthis is about is pretty lucky u could make some serious money writting poems awesome job that was such a heart felt poem.

Brittany at 2007-05-21

That was so freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Gazelle at 2007-06-08

Honestly I didnt like it. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!
Why cant there be more guys like you.

Lost in the Ocean ( F P C ) at 2007-06-09

Oh my goodness, this is best poem i ever read!! i truly love it!! super great poem!! 5/5 and 1,000%

LuvstruckChild at 2007-08-12

Thats such a sweet prayer. I wish that I could think up stuff like that.... :)

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