Comments - Ending Her Cries

Marcy at 2008-04-03

I've honestly never met a guy that actullay has feelings like you do. I'm glad there is actually a good guy in the world.

Lil Mommi at 2008-04-10


bell at 2008-04-17

I love this poem. it was very good.

AMJ at 2008-04-18

Very beautiful.

MelindaJoy ( F P C ) at 2008-04-25

Awwwwwwwwwww congrats one poem that made me cry... it was very good, even if it wasnt urs, thank u for passing it on

Shania Taylor ( F P ) at 2008-04-29

Are you dating anybody? lol. I wish I had someone in my life like that but I kinda did but we didn't go out because he said he didn't want to screw things up with me. But that was an awesome poem. keep on writing. It's people like me who need this kind of stuff to read.
P.S. Tyler another reason to write is the girls like it, especially if you're good!

Kira ( P ) at 2008-05-06

Tyler....this poem is amazing and truely puts into words how much we are willing to give when we love someone, keep writing.

confuzed angel at 2008-05-10

Such a touching story!

My boyfriend Has just cheated on me and it would be lovely to know a boy who done that would do it for me!

Who ever ends up getting you or has you as a boyfriend is very lucky!!

5/5 for this poem babe!!

Keep writing would love to hear more from you!


My lOvE iS EnDleSs 2 bAd u dOnT at 2008-05-12

This is very dodnt always find guys who write like this... i love it

Brittney at 2008-05-12

Danm danm danmy that was so far the best poem i've ever read........gosh u have talent.wowzzzzzzzzzzzzz umm that was beyond amazing..this poem was touching and wow wow wow ...................... i have to read it again

-yo gurl mz.lolipop

Eliza at 2008-06-24

This is really amazing.
it makes me sad though lol
your a really great writer.


Decks213 at 2008-07-09

SPEECHLESS.... man this a great poem... WOW... Similar stuff happen to me but... she walked away now she is married to Him and has a few kids... But she still runs to my arms in time of need...

beby at 2008-07-13

There was someone who cared of me like u (cares for dz girl in ur poem,and the story is almost d same)..but now we are thousand miles apart..i wish i will see a guy like him here in my place.. i missed him..anyway ure poem was awsome n great..keep it up:)

repair her heart ( C ) at 2008-07-15

WOW! this is soothing i just got cheated on.and how beautiful to have a guy confort u...i love ur thoughts.

St3phani3 at 2008-07-15

Wow this is a really good poem

Sarah at 2008-07-17

Simply awsome and touching as all the people said it before. This was one of the poems where you could litterally feel they way you meant it!!!

Christy Redding at 2008-07-27

Definitly one of the bet poems Ive ever had the pleasure to read. I also redwhat you wrote on the bottom, n since u have seen it on other sites,, I want to help you if thats ok,, and I would love to get word out there of ur talent, and with ur name as well, so that if anyone reads ur poem somewhere else, they,ll no that this person is fake,
Comment back to m plzz, i,ll check with u lter to make sure its ok to do so. I have alot of poetry that i write on facebook n in my notes there,, not that im the greatest a writing but i write from the heart. Get back to me with ur permission and maybe we can help slo down ppl that do this and take credit for such great work and talent

Francessca ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-29

Wow I love it. Great awesome job tyler =)

Riley at 2008-08-01

WOW thats good

sam at 2008-08-02

I loved it, i have tears in my eyes

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