Cute love quotes

Love is when you stay up until 2 in the morning on a school night,
waiting for him to wake up from his nap and sign back on
Just so you can say, I love you and good night.


by Brandi ( F )
at 2007-10-02

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--->Love Shouldnt Have An Age Limit<---
&& Age Shouldnt Have A Love Limit *

by Jessie ( F )
at 2008-02-07

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"Every girl wants a man that she can go to in her SWEATS, HAIR a mess, MAKE UP runing down her face, EYES red from crying, and the first thing he would say to her is, 'Baby, you're beautiful' and mean it."

by Monstritos Princess ( F P C D )
at 2007-10-09

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I Want You To Ask me Whats Wrong
And I Reply " Nothing "
And You Say " Wipe That Fake Smile Off Your Face , baby I Hate Seeing You Upset "

by SarahhJayy ( F P )
at 2007-10-13

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He said to her
" your the one that got away"
she looked him straight in the eye and said
" your the o n e who let me go "

by seana elyse
at 2007-10-15

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I would rather be deaf before i hear you cry,
blind before i see you get hurt, and dead before i see you take away from me.

by MizFresh15
at 2008-04-06

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Why is it that you
Always fall the hardest for the one
Who tells you everything you wanna hear..
Even when you know
Every single word is
A Lie?.</3

by sexyCheckers ( F P C )
at 2007-10-31

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You stole my heart,riped it out,
And smashed it on the floor.
And i smiled because you touched me.

by Trying To Love Is The Hardest Th ( F D )
at 2007-11-05

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The stars in the sky
are the years i want to be
held safe in your eyes

-i won a poetry - haiku- competition with this one

by Meg
at 2007-11-02

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Kiss me in the moonlight,

Kiss my under the night sky.

Kiss me anywhere you want

but dont kiss me goodbye...

Written by Me

by Sara
at 2007-11-03

rating: 5.0
votes: 8

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