Funny love quotes

I met u...i wanted u...i missed u...i needed u..i got u...i had u...i left u...

by klaudia
at 2010-04-10

rating: 4.5
votes: 68

People say you cannot live without love...

...i think oxygen is more important

by Savior of the Broken ( F P C D )
at 2011-06-01

rating: 4.5
votes: 62

I love this guy, yes I do. He's for me, & not for you. & If by chance you take my place, I'll get my fist & BREAK YOUR FACE!!!

by xX MRs Pattinson Xx NaUghTy CoRn ( F P D )
at 2009-03-01

rating: 4.5
votes: 55

If you leave,
i'll shut the door behind you,
if you say goodbye,
il promise i wont miss you,
and while your still driving away,
i'll put on my best dress, and the earings you got me,
because tonight, they will get me someone better

by momopixie18 ( C )
at 2011-04-03

rating: 4.5
votes: 55

Everyone thinks that it's every girl's dream to find the perfect guy... in reality, it's every girls dream to eat without getting fat

by Munch ( F P C )
at 2012-02-10

rating: 4.5
votes: 53

My to do list...

you ;)

by bluEyEdbEauty ( F )
at 2008-12-10

rating: 4.5
votes: 50

Yes, I have a dirty mind.
And you're on it. :D

by On Cupids Bad Side ( F C )
at 2010-04-28

rating: 4.5
votes: 50

Friends Talking
Girl: 10 years from now are we still gonna be like this?
Boy: Who knows. Maybe 10 years from now we might have the same family name. ^^

by Kerby
at 2011-01-01

rating: 4.5
votes: 50

I'm not a F a c e b o o k s t a t u s
You don't have to like me!

by hisxgurl ( F D )
at 2011-07-22

rating: 4.5
votes: 50

I was a LITTLE upset wen i saw u with her..
but then i laughed.
cuz she was UGLY.

by daisy
at 2008-01-19

rating: 4.5
votes: 40

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