Funny love quotes

Ex BF: I really miss you babe!
Ex GF:*Sneezes*
Ex BF: Aww are you sick?
Ex GF: No, im just alergic to BS :P

by HisSecRetLoveR
at 2011-05-29

rating: 4.5
votes: 39

Love is a sensation
caused by temptation
a guy sticks his location
in a girls destination
to increase population
for the next generation
do u get my explanation
or do u need a demonstration?

by Ashley Lynn ( F P )
at 2005-09-21

rating: 4.5
votes: 37

Someday you'll wake up knowing you lost a precious diamond while you were too busy collecting stones ;)

by RosesForThe Dead x ( D )
at 2009-02-15

rating: 4.5
votes: 37

The awkward moment when you're about to hug someone extremely sexy and then you hit the mirror.

by Su ( F C )
at 2012-03-26

rating: 4.5
votes: 37

â*A Little Boy Was In The Bath Tub Examining His Testicals.. The Little boy Turned And Asked "Mom, Are These My Brains?" She Just Smiled And Said "No, Not Yet" :)

by Rhonda
at 2012-02-24

rating: 4.5
votes: 36

A love lost Is a love Gained
A love Gained is a heart Lost
A Heart Lost is a Tear
A tear is a fear
Love lost is a chance taken

by Josiah ( F P C D )
at 2004-10-17

rating: 4.5
votes: 35

I try to stay busy so I won't have a second to miss him.

by ImTheGirl ( F P C )
at 2010-09-14

rating: 4.5
votes: 35

If she's worth it, she WON'T be easy. If she's easy, she WON'T be worth it.<3

by Laurennn
at 2011-02-16

rating: 4.5
votes: 35

You touched my heart and my heart says thanks.
you touched my soul and my soul says thanks
you touched my body and it says......
do that again!

by i love him
at 2007-02-12

rating: 4.5
votes: 34

*~ When a guy tells u 2 suck it, turn to him, smile n say, "Sorry I choke on small objects!"~*

by Felicia
at 2005-10-22

rating: 4.5
votes: 33

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