Funny love quotes

All my life i've been good, and now im thinking what the hell !

by Luciana
at 2011-01-29

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votes: 30

Me: "The sun might kill me one day. I might burn up or turn to ash or something."
Him: "Then why are you out here?"
Me: "Because it's where you are, and I love you that much."

by Svandyke ( F P C )
at 2010-11-17

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votes: 29

God created men first, cause you always make a rough draft before a masterpiece

by Mercedi
at 2006-11-01

rating: 4.5
votes: 28

I just want one guy to come up and say to me "sorry my whole entire gender sucks"

by BeyondReality ( F )
at 2007-10-23

rating: 4.5
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B!t<h means dog
dogs bark
barks are from trees
tress are in nature
and nature is beautiful
so everytime u call me b!t<h.........
well, just thankz for the compliment

by natii ( F P )
at 2008-02-02

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votes: 28

Some people are like clouds... when they disappear, it's a brighter day.

by Su ( F C )
at 2012-03-17

rating: 4.5
votes: 27

Me: hello is this 999?
999: yes what is youre emergancy?
Me: 2 boys are fighting over me!
999: well what's wrong with that?

Me: the ugly one is winning!!

by TheQueenOfHeart
at 2011-10-20

rating: 4.5
votes: 27

ThE sKy HaS lOsT iT's CoLoUr,
ThE sUn HaS tUrNeD gReY,
at LeAsT tHaT's HoW iT fEeLs To Me,
WhEnEvER uR aWaY

by madeleine
at 2006-10-09

rating: 4.5
votes: 26

Smile at him. It makes him think that he is cute

by LoKa ( F P C )
at 2009-06-11

rating: 4.5
votes: 26

just shut up and let your boxers hit the floor.

at 2007-10-03

rating: 4.5
votes: 25

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