Funny love quotes

!a kiss BLOWN is a kiss WASTED!~~!a real kiss is a kiss TASTED!

by Carleigh
at 2007-03-13

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votes: 13

Ja rulez body paul walkers face p. diddyz style with usherz grace fabolousz bling bow wowz size thats the man i fantasize

by candace ( P )
at 2007-04-16

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My heart is locked up safe.
So those dumb bastards wont break it.

by Georgia
at 2007-09-27

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He kissed me
he really put his arms around me & kissed me.
it went through my body like he had
flipped some electrical switch and lit me up.
his skin was so warm, and he was suddenly so beautiful

by meagan
at 2007-11-20

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Me without u is like
a camara without flash
a car without gas
a stripper without an a**
a pimp with no cash
I just CANT be without YOU!

by Kate ( F P C )
at 2008-02-08

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Boys are like roses
watch out for the pricks.

by Sammy Collins
at 2008-04-10

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It's funny how we tend to hurt someone we love, considering the fact that it hurts us more..

by LoveAngelJana ( F D )
at 2008-05-13

rating: 4.5
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I love when I say something really stupid
You have this 'why do I put up with you' look
But right after that is the 'its because I love you' look
Then the 'I must be insane to love you' look,
Then the 'I must be seriously insane' look

by modern*day*barbie ( F )
at 2008-06-12

rating: 4.5
votes: 13

So i'm back here
i'm so confused and unsure
don't even know my aim
but i will heal
piece by piece
shard by shard
until im semi whole again.

by I am me and that is how i l
at 2009-07-25

rating: 4.5
votes: 13

I LOVE YOU is 8 letters... lol so is BULLSHIT!

by Johnaka
at 2004-12-27

rating: 4.5
votes: 12

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