Funny love quotes

I don't have the measles, I am not confined to bed, aspirin won't help cos it's not my head, I don't have back ache or the flu, it's more serious... I'm missing you!

by Laura4John4eva
at 2008-03-18

rating: 4.8
votes: 14

Make love not war, condoms cost less then guns

by meg
at 2005-04-07

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

You can fall from the sky
You can fall from a tree
but the best way to fall
Is in love with me

by elektra
at 2005-07-27

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

You Kno How If You Break Up w/ Sum1
People say, "Theres More Fish In The Sea"
I Came To The Conclusion,
That the sea is POLLUTED!!!!

by Heatha Ashlee ( F P )
at 2005-08-08

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

I seriously thought that I was over him
Then he passed me in the hall and all those feelings came back in a rush...

by obsessedgurl ( F C D )
at 2006-02-05

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

Roses are nice
Violetes are fine
I'll be the six
if you be the nine

by ilovematthewsomuch ( F )
at 2006-05-31

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

If love were an illegal drug
i would be in jail
for substance addiction

by cole
at 2007-06-15

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I'm still in love,
but not with you.

by Subin
at 2006-12-04

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

Falling in love is like stealing cookies..
You know it's wrong..But you know you'll do it one day...

by (-Vanity-)
at 2006-12-28

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

If my heart had hands..
it'd be flipping you off.

by Nicole
at 2007-03-02

rating: 4.8
votes: 13

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