Funny love quotes

It makes me smile to know I'm a constant distraction in your daily life :D

by waiting for the unknown ( P )
at 2009-06-16

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votes: 58

*My Heart Aintt yur D*k;
So Quit Playinqq Withh iT<3

by Miss Aracelyy ( F )
at 2009-03-31

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Rumors? Oh well, at least your spreading something else besides your legs. >:)

by Thoughtsonfire ( F P )
at 2011-05-30

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He's 90% of the reason I get up in the morning. the other 10% is the need to pee.

--not mine but it makes me smile.

by Katie ( F P C )
at 2009-04-21

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Respect all those people that hate me,because my middle finger rises up to salute them

by lisa ( F P C )
at 2009-10-29

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I dont stalk you .. oh by the way, your out of milk .

by Luciana
at 2011-02-14

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Love 8

Love not 1, not 2.
But love the the one who loves you too.

Love not 3, not 4.
But love the one who loves you more.

Love not 5, not 6.
But love the one who really sticks.

Love not 7, not 8.
But love the one who's willing to wait.

by rohel
at 2006-10-12

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Her: If i died, would you re-marry?
Him: Probably
Her: Would she sleep in the same bed?
Him: Maybe
Her: Would she use my toilettries?
Him: No way
Her: Would she use my golf clubs?
Him: No, she's left-handed
Her: *silence*
Him: SHIT!!

by buttafliez
at 2006-12-07

rating: 4.7
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He broke my heart so I broke his skateboard.

by LiTtLeGiRlSCaNDrEaM
at 2009-07-27

rating: 4.7
votes: 48

I don't give a sh*t if there's a lot of fish in the sea. I don't want fish. I want you.

by Captivat3d ( F C D )
at 2011-03-10

rating: 4.7
votes: 47

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