Funny love quotes

I speak many languages but the language I'm most fluent in has gotta be Sarcasm.. ;)

by May ( F )
at 2010-12-16

rating: 4.7
votes: 26

Haters gonna hate. Potato's gonna potate. :p

That's my moto :)

by ibangwithpantson ( F P )
at 2011-05-18

rating: 4.7
votes: 26

Behind every b****, theres a man who made her that way

by Sierra
at 2005-12-22

rating: 4.7
votes: 25

Guys are like tv ads...
U cant believe a word they say...

by BrOkEn HeArT ( F )
at 2008-10-19

rating: 4.7
votes: 25

S*x is evil,
evil is sin,
sin is forgiven,
So stick it in!

by Kayla
at 2005-03-01

rating: 4.7
votes: 24

God created men first because you always make a rough draft before a masterpiece (aka women!!!)

Ma mate Sally said this..

by Rebecca
at 2005-06-22

rating: 4.7
votes: 24

I rememberd when we first met, u stepped on my foot
I remember our first dance
and u stepped on my foot
I remember our first kiss
u miss and stepped on my foot
I remember when u broke up with me
I raised up my high heel and jammed it in ur foot

by Morgan
at 2006-07-17

rating: 4.7
votes: 24

Love is about being stupid....together.

by brin macnamara ( F P C D )
at 2005-04-21

rating: 4.7
votes: 23

Im smooth like peanut butter
sweet like jam
combine the two
you get a good man

by travis ( F )
at 2006-11-11

rating: 4.7
votes: 23

There's always a little bit of a wh0re
in every girl when it comes to that one guy.

by modern*day*barbie ( F )
at 2006-11-07

rating: 4.7
votes: 23

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