Funny love quotes

Love is like a gum, if it sticks, it makes you crazy.

by maria zyra
at 2007-01-23

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Only You Can Understand,My Childish Fears,ii Hear Your Voice,Threw The Drakenss,,Your The One That Makes Me,,Feel Safe From The Monster Under My Bed

by Cassie
at 2007-04-08

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Love is being stupid with each other


by I AM a WASTE of TIME of SPACE of ( P C )
at 2007-05-25

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Forest gump said life is likea box of chocletes and you never know what your gonna get till you bite into it.

well i say boyfriends are like a box of chocletes well i guess you were a bad one

by xxbroken loverxx
at 2008-02-06

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If you're missing me,
You'd better keep it to yourself
Cause coming back around here
Would be bad for your health...

by princessa
at 2008-02-20

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If you do not understand by now I love you then you have got to see a doctor.

by Crystal ( P )
at 2008-05-01

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Romance is something that is only for that special someone...
So why are you here?

by PaInFuL mEmOrIeS
at 2008-07-29

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I don't get it. Refresh my mind. Why would you even bother to bring her along. Everyone looks at me for a reaction. All I do is smile. & laugh a little inside

by thatgirl
at 2011-07-25

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Girl:"hey bro this is my bf."
brother:"cool hey dude come here for a sec."
brother:"if you break my sisters heart just remember im not afraid to go back to jail."

by Daisy Mcafee ( P )
at 2010-12-07

rating: 4.6
votes: 153

I have a habit at laughing at my mistakes, so parden me if I laugh in your face .

by Luciana
at 2011-01-05

rating: 4.6
votes: 122

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