Funny love quotes

I was a little upset when I saw you with her,
But then I laughed because she's ugly. :]]

by Teenage Romance ( F P C D )
at 2010-04-03

rating: 4.6
votes: 121

Sometimes she makes me so mad that I want to throw her in the middle of on-going cars. But then I realize, I would probably kill myself just to save her.

by DrumVic
at 2011-01-03

rating: 4.6
votes: 106

So, the deffinition of love changed.
Sadly some girls were not informed of this change because it was made by a guy who only told other guys.

(official warning to all girls who have boyfriends)

by live for today
at 2009-10-05

rating: 4.6
votes: 97

Relationships are like fat people, most of them dont work out .

by Luciana
at 2011-01-02

rating: 4.6
votes: 89

You can pretend we're strangers but i've seen you naked

by Naomi
at 2010-05-11

rating: 4.6
votes: 87

Don't fall in love. Fall off a bridge. It probably hurts less.

by Captivat3d ( F C D )
at 2010-07-27

rating: 4.6
votes: 84

Right now someone somewhere is thinking about sex...
....ok, its me.

by On Cupids Bad Side ( F C )
at 2010-03-18

rating: 4.6
votes: 81

If I have 1 wish, I will wish you so damn ugly, so that no girl will fall in love with ya, expect me then you will be all mine ;)

vote for 5 if you sometimes think so

by usher was my ex
at 2007-03-14

rating: 4.6
votes: 80

If you cant get someone out of your head
maybe they're supposed to be there

by Daisy Mcafee ( P )
at 2010-10-20

rating: 4.6
votes: 75

Gal: My Ex's Status 0n Facebook Says:
''Standing 0n The Edge 0f
A Bridge . . . ''

So What Did You Comment ?

Gal: Nothing, I Just Poked Him ! =P =D

M <3z JP

by hisxgurl ( F D )
at 2011-05-14

rating: 4.6
votes: 75

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