Inspirational love quotes

Explaining my love to you
is like explaining colours
to a blind person...

by carla ( F )
at 2006-06-13

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Never give up on the one person you love if you cant imagine living a day without them


by jennifer ( C )
at 2006-06-16

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Show me a love that i wont feel with anyone else,
show me the beauty that lies within us all,
teach me that its whats on the inside that counts,
try and show me that your different,
make me believe that i wont get hurt this time.

by stained-sleeve ( F P )
at 2006-06-19

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Iv'e been hurt to many times I didnt think i could trust a guy with my heart again then he walked into my life and the healing began

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^^Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you^^

by Slim
at 2006-11-24

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by xoxalil2kute4uox
at 2006-07-01

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Love is not found by finding the perfect person, but by finding an imperfect person and seeing them perfectly.

by Darkened Rose
at 2006-07-02

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The longer you [hold] onto ((him)) the HARDER it will be to {let go}

by Jessica ( F )
at 2006-07-03

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Don’t search.
Just see.
Don’t speak.
Just hear.
Don’t hesitate.
Just act.
Don’t be scared.
Just love.

by kayla ( F P )
at 2006-07-18

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You're like the ocean,
Pretty enough on the surface,

But dive down into your depths,
you'll find beauty most

people never see. Lucky me.
I fell in, headfirst.

by you~complete~me
at 2006-07-14

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