Love quotes

&& she said "I'm not afraid to love, I'm adraid of not being loved back"

by fully broken ( F C )
at 2008-02-02

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Don't worry, you didn't break my heart...
You just bent it... Really far...

It snapped back,
And now it's better than before.
It knows more.
It sees more.
But most of all...
It loves more.


by Sandra D ( F P C D )
at 2008-03-14

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The crazy thing about you is that no matter what happens now that your gone is secretly i will always be waitong for you. no matter where i go or who im with my heart will always beat twice as fast for you. you have me hooked

by Jamie May Jensen
at 2009-01-31

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He gave her 12 roses
11 real
1 fake
and said..
"ill love you till the last rose dies"

at 2008-04-07

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.....>plz r8

by chickadee1992
at 2006-11-16

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Cupid aimed at my heart and broke it

by Bloody Chocolate
at 2007-02-14

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You are in love when you do not have to do anything, but you want to do everything, just for her, to feel the strength of the romance you share

by Sam
at 2006-11-20

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I wish dreams were like wishes
and wishes came true
because in my dreams im always with you

by Brigit
at 2007-04-15

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Man, im on these drugs& i cant help this at all. Im going so
crazy & i cant do anything about it. I cant sleep, im loosing weight, and its all i think about. These drugs are called: LOVE.

by fell too deep
at 2007-03-16

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Anyone Can Say The Three Words
"I Love You!"
But The One That Truely Means It
Will Be The One With Tears In His Eyes

by Jessica Moninger
at 2006-11-21

rating: 5.0
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