Love quotes

The worst part of being lied to is knowing that you weren’t even worth the truth.

by kiesha ( F C )
at 2005-10-30

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You tell me Im beautiful
You tell me your in love
so I thank my lucky stars and gracefully look above
I cant wait to see you
I cant wait to hold you in my arms
Because when Im with you
Im safe from all the harm

by Melinda
at 2005-10-06

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You were never a waste of time.
You were just the harsh realization
that i could do better

by ♥cHeLsEa♥ ( F P C )
at 2005-08-30

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Not all scars show ,
Not all wounds heal,
Sometimes you cant always see,
the PAIN someone feels.

by Rachael Young ( F P )
at 2005-06-05

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I skinned my knee when I fell for you.

And as if that wasn't bad enough...

As soon as I got back on my feet,
You ripped out my heart,
smashed it to the ground,
and stomped it to pieces.

by Tiffany
at 2007-03-20

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The saddesst thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you

by Joana
at 2005-05-28

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I cant believe you're leaving
And this time its for real,
My tears they wont stop flowing,
Heartbrake is what I feel.
No-ones there to wipe my tears,
No-one to rid me of my fears,
No-one there to help me fly,

For it is time to say goodbye.

by darkangel ( F P C )
at 2005-07-12

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What's worse a lie that brings a smile or a truth that brings a tear

by XsazuX ( F C )
at 2006-08-02

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X All I ever hear; be a good girl; just behave; sit up
O // Straight; stand up tall; never falter; never fall; stay in
x School; make the grade; never fail; never fade; be a
O // Hero; be a star; be *everything* but what you are

by sinead lisa ( F )
at 2007-03-30

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Lєαяи Fям Uя Pαѕт,Mσνє Oи Gяσω Sтяσиgєя

Pєσρlє R Fαкє, Aиd Uя Tяυѕт Lαѕтs Lσиgєя

Dσ Wнαт U Hαν Tσ Dσ, Bυт Alωуz Sтαу Tяυє

Aиd Nєνα Lєт Nє1 Gєт Tнє Bѕт Of Yσυ..

by kirsty
at 2006-01-27

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