Where did i go wrong?

by Sharr

I gave you the best start of my where abouts
It took you time to figure it out
Maybe I can�t be seen no more

You tired and tired but it took so long
I didid even know if I belong

Ticking away
Goes past another day
I don�t like growing up this way

Why can�t you just talk to me?
Bring yourself up and be a man to me

Brace a bit of your love to me
Give me everything I want to see

Its hurts me knowing, watching,
Feeling, seeing
That this can�t be done

I won�t let you rain on me
Each time the wind blows
I hear your voice go.

And I can�t stop thinking about you
Until things shut down and I lose control
I run to a better place better for me
Better for you

Tears of unhappiness become a fear to me
This feeling of emptiness
Destroys hearts
And this is excruciating

And all I wanted was you

And now I feel nothing just a
Lost memory of a light that
Once shine a person that
Lived in my world

Is no longer someone
I know, just a human
Wanted the same as me

So why am I right in wishing that
Things like a heart can be mended
By a smile or a feeling that will

Last forever
A person that you know
Will stay in a part of your body
And keep you breathing I guess
Sometimes peoples luck run out
To soon and it�s hard to get it back

You make your own luck
And you turn it into the biggest
Of sacrifice and hopefully
Your dreams and wishes
Come true just by going
A little faith/hope
And belief in yourself

So when your tears fall
Catch them and show
Them all that even if your
Going no where

The people watching will always
Care, open your sprit and catch spiritWithin mend your heart
And then begin

A new start of a feeling of a
Magic destiny of when you go to sleep
You sleep and dream of a place
You wanted of luck from the very start.

My hearts frozen when yours isn�t open.
is not


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