You're The One


Written : [07-26-09]

I don't know how to make you believe,

that you are all I'll ever need.

To make me happy,

to make me mad,

to cheer me up when i am sad.

You build me up when i am down,

you turn my frown upside down,

you're the only thing i know is true,

i couldn't imagine not being with you.

You're everything i want and need,

and the only person I'd want to help plant my seed. Please hold me whenever I'm cold,

and promise I'll never be alone.

Kiss me every chance you get,

you're the only one I'll be in love with.



Submission date : 2011-05-07

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Latest comments

sun spots ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-22

Hello Kellie.i like your poem very has given me ideas of how to construct my own work and take them in a slightly different direction.comthanks for the inspiration.Stephen.

KELLiE SHEA ( P ) at 2012-01-23

I love being an inspiration, that's the kind of thing I live for. Thank you for the feedback!

KELLiE SHEA ( P ) at 2012-01-23