The Love Game

by HollyNichole

My heads in the game
I know what to say
I know how to act
And I know how to play

Completely focused and ready
I run to the floor
Having not any idea
What I am unprepared for

See, I've played many games
And have never been beat
Not knowing that one day
My match, I would meet.

You wrecked my career
Of being unaffected
By the trail of broken hearts
That I've shattered and collected

This game is different
I'm down by two
And as the buzzer sounds
I don"t know what to do

Your ran your plays
And took the shot
Unaware of the fact
That my heart, you've caught

I stand alone shocked
And humbled, at best
But it soon turns to sorrow
As you leave with the rest

The only difference from now
And the start of the game
Is now I"m in love
And I'll never feel the same


Submission date : 2011-07-04

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Alister ( F ) at 2011-07-05

Thats a really interesting piece i like how you turned love into a game its true u might be prepared but ur heart can always catch an tear