Broken Pieces


My tears will follow my eyes to the floor
no longer can i do this anymore.
my heart is weak when my body is strong
but ive been without caution for far too long.

realizing all i can be is alone
i keep searching for love
which has never been shown.
wishes and dreams, mine never come true,
but dont worry its never because of you.

put in everything i had now im lacking hope
and all im left with is sadness and a single rope
i pushed and pushed for such a long time
i cant go on much longer even in my prime
i never gave up on the love that we shared
i knew better then to fall but i still dared.

lookin back on the past and smiles i see
turning into tears in the reflections of me
why must i always take the hard road in life
unaware my outcome is always strife.

my end is coming, i bid you adue
i walk the road with broken peices of me and you
turning my head i refuse to see
the happiness we shared between you...and me.


Submission date : 2012-01-31

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