It's Our Love


Like a day in any other sense,
Beauty shined through the open doors,
Glimmering with the sigh of every heart,
She knew it was him.
The bright smile across his face
Only made the fact more clear.
She was in love and no one could stop her,
He was her only hope and dream.
The love she had for him outstood any other feeling in this world. She could have anyone but the only one she wanted was him. She would say his name just to get his image in her head. She loved his powerful voice, and his charming personality.
He watched over her like a cat watches its prey, the only difference was that he was in love and would never hurt her.
Desperate to live,
Desperate for life,
The only love she had,
Never crossed her mind.
She believed they'd never be,
And wanted love so bad,
But everymove she made,
Wasnt for that hand.
Their love was meant to be,
But if they couldnt believe,
They'd never be together,
And it would kill their hearts forever...


Submission date : 2007-01-15

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