Just Can't Forget


(written: July 8 2005)
It wont be time for me to die,
Until I'm in your arms tonight.
I'll feel safe and right at home,
But I won't be happy, just alone.
My hearts still broken,
I'm sure you know,
I never met you,
But I could of so long ago.
I've been trying to forget you,
It just won't work,
I can't excape you,
It really hurts.
If I could forget you,
I would right now,
But I love you too much,
And I don't know how.
You're a part of me,
That I wish would die,
And because of you,
Is the reason I cry.


Submission date : 2007-01-15

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khobo ( P C ) at 2007-01-15

The last eight lines I loved most. Enjoyed it a lot B) Good work