No More Cries

by Rachel RTVW

Warmth of hand
Tender touch
Memories, fantasies
Miss you much

Stolen smile
Telling heart
Too much time
Spent apart

Choking tears
Amongst regret
Passing time
Destiny set

Open book
In your eyes
Longing love
No more cries


Submission date : 2007-11-04

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Rating : 4.6

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Grace Delight at 2007-11-11

It was short and sweet. i liked it a lot =)

lovin a man behind bars at 2007-11-11

I love it.. kinda sounds like me and my man which is locked up right now that is the way i feel i just never could put it in words

me just you ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-21

Ok you want to know what i love about this poem? ill tell you lol
i love how you have to read into you can't just read the words and totally get it you made it deeper than that and i love it : ) 5/5 <3

Bradley Peter ( F P C ) at 2008-03-22

I think this piece was a little too simple, for me anyway. I don't like complicated poems, but this just didn't tell enough, I feel. As with all your piece I've read and commented on, with the exception of one, your first stanza was the best, I particularly liked the last line of the first stanza 'Miss you much'.


Lethal Prophecy ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-16

This poem was too short.Your supposed to make the reader feel the emotion of your poetry.I felt nothing.It was as if I blinked and then it was over.Nice rhyming though.

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