Possible love

by Desray

Id be online just waiting for that sign in name to show
Hoping youd greet me first by saying hello
But you never do so I greet you just giving it another try
Talking to you knowing that you wont reply
Im a very stubborn person and all I have is pride
And id never intentionally set me up to be shattered inside
My interior and exterior are so important to me
So I would never ever hurt myself deliberately
I cant help it but youre always on my mind
This makes me believe your one of a kind.
Or is it that Im just so curious of how it would have been
If I had actually put in effort and let you in
What we may have accomplished and where we would be
If I had really put effort into you and me
You may ask why I would feel so passionate about someone Ive never kiss or caress
I dont know thats what makes my feelings so hard to express
I know I didnt put energy into us and Im SURE you didnt to
BUT!! I have an excuse at that time I didnt love me so I didnt expected youd do
I know we didnt have a NORMAL relationship but I cant help but feel this way
I owe it to myself to give it another shot you know what Im trying to say
I want you back and I hope you dont refuse
I dont like to be rejected I dont like to lose
The fear of rejection kills me inside
Thats why my feelings and pomes I usually hide
Now I cant believe that Ive actual did it
Wrote you a poem and really submit it
Again doing the unthinkable putting myself on the line
Being venerable one more time


Submission date : 2008-01-09

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Colors Of The Heart ( F P C ) at 2008-06-30

This poem expressed great emotion and i loved it! it was beautiful. you did a wonderful job, keep it up!