Sad love quotes

It's hard enough when the one you love dosn't love you back, but it is even harder to watch him love someone else.

by Dominique
at 2004-07-14

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Why do people say, "I dont wan't to hurt you."
When in reality...
They have already killed you inside...

by Andrew ( F )
at 2004-08-12

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You wont know how much the person meant to you until they are no longer around.

by Maelyn
at 2004-08-16

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Rain stops pouring,
But hearts never stop hurting.


by Rickilee ( F )
at 2007-01-24

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Knowing i loved you and not knowing how you felt was hard. but then you told me you felt the same. Now after everything and we're not together, it's even harder to know i love you and not know how you feel.

by alfie
at 2004-09-04

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I searched for you
I searched till I was
When I found you
My exhaustion Pained me
I searched till it was time
And when I found you
I found you in someone else's

by Libby ( F P C )
at 2004-10-12

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I've held on so long that, i dont know how to let go


by *~*SeXy.ChIcKa*~* ( F )
at 2005-09-06

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Is it wrong to say I miss you?
That I still think about you?

That you are still the only person who will ever have my heart

by BleedingTruth-Brooke ( F P )
at 2007-05-29

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After we broke up, You told me not to kill myself, and I kinda laughed, the tears began to fall again, and I said "Well, I can't kill myself when you've already killed me"

by Hayley
at 2006-05-25

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Im giving up on you and the worst part is you never even knew i was trying

~im giving up Notty.......~

by katie
at 2004-11-06

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