Sad love quotes

Late at night when all the worLd is sLeeping,
I stay up and think of you,
And i wish upon a star,
That somewhere you are thinking of me too ..

*+* juz suzie *+*

by i!i! --> sUzIe
at 2006-02-17

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Don't ever give up if you still want to try, don't ever wipe your tears
if you still want to cry. Don't ever settle for an answer if you still
want to know. Don't ever say you don't love him if you can't let him

by bored friends
at 2006-02-17

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I finally found my prince charming... Turns out he already found his princess...

by Cez ( F P C )
at 2006-02-23

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When someone really loves you, they will never hurt you.

And if they do, you can see it in their eyes that it hurts them too...

by ~StepH~ ( F C )
at 2006-02-24

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The most painful word anyone could pronounce is the one word we all so long to

by Mayo Child
at 2006-02-26

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" When there is lost love, it painful to try & remember the past. But it also impossible to forget. "

by $~*Gwen*~$ ( P C D )
at 2006-02-27

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Im tired of all the fear
im sick of your lies
im too in love with you
too forget about you
all the good times and all the bad
keep pounding in my head
a steady beat, deep in my chest
its beating for you.
and only this disguise will bring us down.

by lianna
at 2006-03-02

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For 0NCE I wish
I was the girl who
would turn around &
walk away from the guy
that really loved her
& have tears streaming down HIS face.

by alisa ( F C D )
at 2006-03-06

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He only knows about the time you wasted

He never knew about the tears you tasted

by Meaghen ( F C D )
at 2006-03-10

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They ignore eachother and look the other way but they both know deep down inside that it wasnt supposed to end this way...

by Kirstie
at 2006-03-11

rating: 5.0
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