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Andrew ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-05

Really nice poem, so sorry if its real, but i think he doesnt deserve you, its his loss and not yours, i really like how you stress the how could you? I can relate to this poem at many occasions in my life..Great work keep it up and hope all goes well for you.

Haylee at 2008-04-05

Good work!

i love it!

sad but honest

he's obviously an idiot and you could do so much better. just :) babe

keep up the good work


Blue at 2008-04-06

This is a sad poem, these guys seem to be messing it up for everyone else. He'll get his Karma though..

Emmy ( F P C ) at 2008-04-07

Wow honey! thats amazing!!! i love it 5-5!!! yay lol! great jobbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dez ( P ) at 2008-04-07

This one is definitely my favorite, it reminds me how I felt with my first love.

Emmy ( F P C ) at 2008-04-08

Wow sweetie! thats a strong poem! i love it! and i know what that feels like to! xoxoxo love ya lots

blanch aiken at 2008-04-08

Nice one

keep it up (:

misEraBLe at 2008-04-09

Its great!
hope you'll get over him soon..
take care!

Jenni ( F C D ) at 2008-04-09

Girl, that is beautiful. I'm so sorry about your relationship. i'm going through some of the same pain. good poem though.

XxAshleyxX ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-09

A really beautiful poem!
i feel the exact same way at this moment...
it has great descrptions and wonderful feeling...


moonlil ( F P C ) at 2008-04-09

A nice poem. I like it.

HisBaby54 at 2008-04-09

Wow....beautiful is all i can say to that

Freedom ( F C ) at 2008-04-09

Realllly nice poem :) kinda sad.but i wish u are not going through this?if yes,then he is @&^#$&*$^..
ur poem goes straight to my fav.poems list :)

Secret lover ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-09

Wow this poem was really nice and if you feel this way you should let him know.=)

Martine Sunde Th at 2008-04-09


Steven at 2008-04-11

I love your poem, is great work, did this happen to you?

lifesunchangeable ( P ) at 2008-04-12

Great poem :) i know exactly how you feel.

Hopeless Haley at 2008-04-12

I love it! god it desceibes so much,i know excatly.

Omgitsbreee ( F ) at 2008-04-12

I loved it <3
thanks for your comment
but this was sad
but very good jobbbb :]

PBR ( C ) at 2008-04-12

Wow! ANOTHER great poem!!!! careful tho I always seem to get a good poem streak and hv tons of good poems pouring from my mind. Thn nothing and if it does come out they're horrible. So b careful!

bt anyways 5/5 poem!!

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