Comments - Broken promises are all I have...

AblissfulDREAMER ( F C D ) at 2008-04-20

Wow this was just so heartbreaking to read because I could relate with the emotions you expressed. Your writing style is different and was refreshing to read something new on this site. The second stanza had to be my fave because you described everything so nicely that you had me hooked.

"it's a door that remains open whenever I look behind."
^beautifully written line that just took my breath away.

Well done *5/5*

gIrL ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-20

Wow really amazing poem
I can easily relate to this one

lesbian kizzs ( F C ) at 2008-04-20

I love this one it is sad but wonderful it made me cry cause I can relate to it so much

Bond James Bond ( F C ) at 2008-04-23

SO sad n powerful poem.... Good one again

Keep writing..

Best wishz... Karan

Lisa A Kessler at 2008-04-23

You did a wonderful job of showing your readers your emotions instead of telling them. Keep up the good writing.

katie99 at 2008-04-23

This is a good poem i can relate keep up the nice work

Carla Campbell at 2008-04-24

I love this poem
keep up the good work!

zeinab at 2008-04-25

"Yeah,i always thought you'd be true,but every time i just felt like a fool".....I still feel like a fool when i remmember......

Allisha at 2008-04-25

I looove this poem.
It is amazing!!

Quniqwa at 2008-04-25

This is a very good poem! This is my favorite one !

moonlil ( F P C ) at 2008-04-25

Wow, its great. It has a nice flow.

Shanelle at 2008-04-25

I don't like the beginning and ending paragraph, but everything else in the poem was amazing!!!!!!!!!