Comments - Your beautiful words

LackOfColour ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-27

So keep spinning me these tails
of girls more beautiful than I
and I swear to you and God
I won't ever let you see me cry


Mike Martin ( F C ) at 2008-04-27

These are words to live by...."i wont ever ler you see me cry"....WOW.....thats all i can really's great, as always...5/5.....xoxoxo

SheDevil ( F C D ) at 2008-04-27

It's been awhile since gabbys written a love poem. I like it

esn ( F ) at 2008-04-28

Makes my eyes open wide. but with the lack of tears i cant cry. i really enjoyed this poem.

Laura at 2008-04-28

I look you square in the eyes
and it's plain across your face
when you laugh and say "gorgeous"
my heart begins to race

love it, i really do, keep up the good work!
I also think thay many girls can find themselves in this poem!

Kristen at 2008-04-28

That is amazing

Allisha at 2008-04-28

I love it!

Allisha at 2008-04-28

I love it!

manderoni and cheese ( F C ) at 2008-04-29

Hey i love your poetry especially this one hun! it is amazingly written and a distinct pic comes to mind! beautiful poem!

mandy :)

toni rossetti at 2008-04-29

Your poam makes me think, stop talking about past men good or bad to someone you say you love know, i hope i've learn from this great poam, words are powerful, think befor you speek, keep up the good work, i've learn something from you.. (toni)

Dante ( P ) at 2008-04-30 thats skill... thats all i can say, skill....

Tom Swart ( F P C ) at 2008-05-01

There is no shame in the tears from a poets heart. They wash away the pain and make way for another current that love can ride into that same heart. I liked your release of emotion and the words you chose. peace