Comments - Metamorphosis of a Breaking Heart

Dreamgirl Jana ( F D ) at 2008-05-25

Wow.. its awsome!! I can feel it, I thought that I'm in a drama, and I'm the star as I read these lines! ahahah.. I mean I could hardly feel the pain of losing.. TnT.. keep it up!!! ^u^..

hopefulsmile ( F C ) at 2008-05-25

It s a wonderful poem .
sad but greaaaaat .
good work.

slynn at 2008-05-25

They didn't have the right rating choices, amazing was not an option so my vote is amazing, pain to the jerk!

XxSugarliciousxKaylaxX ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-25

Wow, Kris... this poem was absolutely amazing. I told you that you had a beautiful talent for writing poetry and it was true. I was in awe the entire time I was reading. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen. I was wanting to know what you would say next. The next amazing lines you were going to rhyme up so perfectly. Poems true and from the soul like this one are rare to find these days. And that's what I love about your poetry, Kris. You don't mess around in your poems. You write exactly how you feel, you let your heart write for you. I only wish that I can learn how to do that as well some day.

Just stay away, don't turn around,
Don't see me fall, don't watch me drown,
Looking back is a waste of time,
In the end you were never mine.

I have to say that this has to be my favorite stanza out of the entire piece. Just because of how you wrote it, the strong vocabulary you used. To many this is a part that they could relate to. I loved it. All of it. Absolutely amazing, Kris. Please, never stop writing. And never give up. You ARE strong, hun. I know you are and so does everyone that cares for you. Great job, 5/5 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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Perfect Imperfection ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-25

Oh wow..*hugs*
This poem is so beautiful, and it almost made me cry. I was absolutely entranced while reading it. The reader can soak up every word you write and feel it and remember the feeling for a while after. it's just...I think I'm going to nominate it...

Watch this heart shatter,
The broken pieces scatter,
From here, clear to there,
Watch my paper heart begin tear.

^^ Just this stanza alone...i love the second line. a lot of people write about broken hearts, but the way you did it was very unique and just absolutely stunning.

Lastly, I hope you're ok. I know from the confessions thread and from this poem, you're not...but I hope time heals you. You'll make it through. you have wonderful friend who will help you get through whatever this is.


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Just That Girl ( F P C ) at 2008-05-25

This poem captured my heart and sould from the title till the very last word. It's like you looked into my heart and spoke the feelings I cant find the words for.
Its really hard to pick a favorite stanza but I finally made up my mind:

Watch my happy smile falter,
My facial expressions slowly alter,
The glimmer in my eyes fade to grey,
Ignore the tears I quickly brush away.

This is definatly one of my favorite poems and I'll give you my vote for the contest nominations.
Keep up the wonderful work.

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Mylie at 2008-05-25

I absoultely think this is such a good poem, love it,
it has alot of emotion protrayed.

Jess ( F P C ) at 2008-05-28

Wow m totally speechless.. this is a wonderful poem full of emotion. keep up the good work 5/5


Torrie at 2008-05-29

All i can say is wow...that is amazing...

matshidiso at 2008-05-29

Hi there, your poem is fantabulous. what I like is the manner in which you wrote it. I feel like anyone can associate with the emotion expressed by the poem. I myself have felt what you wrote there.
Keep up the excellent work. Big ups!!

Nikki ( F P C ) at 2008-05-29

Wow you are an amazing writer, keep it up. 5/5

EternalGuilt ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-30

Such a beautiful poem
**Watch my paper heart begin to tear.**
loved the image you gave there


Im Not Emo ( F P C ) at 2008-05-31

This is so amazing it made me cry, the emotion and the perfect way you described EVERYTHING, you are absolutely talented.

Crystal Gaze ( F P C D ) at 2008-05-31


Thats was amazing. The way the words wrapped around your mind and seized to let go. The piece was quite captivating.
Very, Very emotional, and relatable.
The entire piece, flowed great. Every stanza important and special in it's own way...
I loved every single one.

Your very talented!
5/5 --Elly.

Cobraa ( P C ) at 2008-06-01

I absolutely love this poem,
i can connect with it
and the emotions just poor out.
breakups deff feel like that! stay strong!

LethaLfeLinE at 2008-06-01

You truly are a wordsmith.
The prowess in writing within you is flaring. This poem really immerses a reader to the fountain of your emotions - the agony, bitterness and indignation brought about by heartbreak and the will to get over it your way.

Kyle at 2008-06-05

You used excellent imagery in this. It painted a very clear picture in my mind. The words you chose to use flowed perfectly, completing the artwork. Amazing. Incredible.

SARA ( F P C ) at 2008-06-14

Wow such a strong amazing and captivating piece you have written...It's well written and beautifully penned.. The use of words was wise and made it enjoyable to read. Great job, keep it up 5/5

Cassidy at 2008-06-17

This poem is great! You have a way with words and descibing images, etc. with your poems. I'm rating it a 5!
comment some of mine?

Muhammad Junaid ( F C ) at 2008-06-23

Awsome,i loved your poem(5/5)
It touched my heart,I came to know that you have very strong emotions.
I would like that you read my poems,and leave some comments,i would love if you mark any corrections for me,as i am new,words from your side will mea alot to me.
Rate my poems as well.
If you like me,then add me to your favourites
Will look forward for your comments and rating on my poems.

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