Comments - I Sit There in My English Class

Cursed Boy ( F C D ) at 2008-06-06

Your rhyme scheme was structured well.. I like it..
Nice flow,, and strong emotion inside..
And one more thing,, I like how you end your poem.. It's cool.. :]
Well done..

mandy ( F C D ) at 2008-06-06

Aw, I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!
It's crazy. Great poem, I love every line.

-mandy :)

Little Red Book of Poems ( F P C D ) at 2008-06-07

I have written sooo many poems about sitting in class wanting something to happen. i love it, its a unique view,

Britt ( F ) at 2008-06-08

Wow loni, another poem i can relate with. amazing work =>
I sit there in my English class
I try to pay attention but I'm swept away
I can only focus on your eyes of glass
Everyday I try to find something good to say"

that stanza is the best for me because i can just imagine it in my head. great discription!

verry cleverr </3

Asher ( F C ) at 2008-06-08

Lol and you too have a keen sence of putting your words in a gental flow!

VivaLaBrittany at 2008-06-08

This is a really good poem. (: i know exactly how you feel. 5\5

XxSugarliciousxKaylaxX ( F P C D ) at 2008-06-08

Just looking at the title of this poem, I knew it was going to be something special. Relatable to every teenager in love and goes to High School. And you know what? It really was. This poem swept me off my feet like this guy does to you. Every single line was flawless and perfection. I found myself able to relate to each one. Amazing, that's a really difficult thing for a reader of someone else's poem to do. I also loved how you rhymed up every single line. It's really hard to do that, especially to get the poem to make sense in the process, but you totally pulled it off.

I honestly do not have a favorite line or stanza in this piece. I loved every single one equally. You did a great job and I could tell you put a lot of thought into every word you wrote. The flow of the poem was a little off in some parts, but that's alright. You totally made up for it with your amazing vocabulary. This poem was also very realistic for me. I don't see how you couldn't have pulled this out of your own personal life. Each emotion got across to the reader perfectly. We felt everything you felt when you were with this guy. Like I said, totally amazing. You did a great job and I can't wait to read more poems like this. 5/5 <3 <3 <3 <3


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the untold story of this girl ( F C ) at 2008-06-09

Awww i love that thats so great and what im going through right now! i love it oh ya your an amazing writer!

BreakeR ( F ) at 2008-06-09

This poem is amazing , i like it verey much , keep going so i would read your good poems again and again :)

peace of love by byezZ

osmish at 2008-06-09

Woo,graet i love it cos it from your heart

JYOTI RANA ( F P C D ) at 2008-06-10

Nice love. Great feeling about love,
I enjoyed you pome

keep smile, keep writing

Lovely ( F ) at 2008-06-10

Well, I can honestly say that this was one of the best poems I ever read. I truly adore your writing. It moved me. I could of felt every emotion you were trying to convey, its like i am rite there with you feelin what you feel. I am sure many people feel the way you do and many people fantasize but no one could write it in a poem like you. I loved it. I especially was moved by the last stanza:

"So everyday I'll sit there in my English class
Maybe one day you will see
And you'll look and see ,I too, have eyes of glass
And just maybe fall for me "

This showed true love.


"Everything about you is just like me
We have our own thoughts and are both strong minded
We argue about politics and the rights to be free
We consider the Peace Treaty and how people signed it
I can only hope we're meant to be"

Truly shows the connection you want and hope to have.

One of The best Love poenm Ever.

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Isaac Schooler at 2008-06-11

Well done, i really enjoyed reading your poem, it gave me some insite, i loved how you used the old schol abab style, i prefer abcb, but i still enjoyed the stucture, overall good job

Natalia at 2008-06-11

Love this poem.
The words, lyrics, r so strong.
You are a great writer.
Every word is so strong and honest.

trist3sa at 2008-06-11

Really cute :D

Marian ( F P C D ) at 2008-06-12

Nicely written.

Broken Girl ( F ) at 2008-06-13

Very well done.. Great flow.. keep writing =]

Broken Girl ( F ) at 2008-06-22

Cool :P
Loveddd :P

sweet escape ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-11

I liked the feeling put into the words but i didnt like how the stanzas were dif. just through me off.
other than that i liked it a lot.

shellaine ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-17

Hay love, aah that was so beautiful. I loved it. what a lovely poem which expressed your true emotions of how you feel and gave the reader such beautiful images of love. If this poem is based on what really happens in your English class then i really do hope that things do work out for you!! Over all i loved it. stunning job!!!