Comments - The Way You Make Me Feel

LADY B at 2004-06-01

i really like your poem. i feel the same way for somebody in my life.

alexander ( F C D ) at 2004-06-02


I Found this poem very simple but very touching U really showed your feelings

alexander ( F C D ) at 2004-06-02

I'm putting U in my favorites

Casondra ( F C ) at 2004-06-03

Omg u guys don't know how good it makes me feel to get all these comments. I am so incredibly happy to know that you like my poems. I will keep writing and submitting all that I can. Thank You soooo much.

Casondra ( F C ) at 2004-06-03

i'm 15 :)

maybeth ( F P C ) at 2004-06-04

very nice poem .. i liked it alot .. ! =)

Casondra ( F C ) at 2004-06-06

OK not to be rude or anything but umm 'Jason Stephens' I know my poems might not be the best in the world but maybe you should look at your own stuff before you critisize me. thanx hun.

Tim Mathis at 2004-06-08

I realy liked your poem. It reminded me of the way I write, although you are clearly better than me. I liked it so much I had to copy/paste it and send it to my girl friend. Hope you don't mind. Thanks!

Darkfire at 2004-06-15

i know how you feel/felt. i once had a boy that i fell in love with, though i didnt want love to happen. now he's gone but i'm ok.
great poem, keep writing

Taryn P. at 2004-06-15

Tis poem is relly good i loved it

roxykels41 ( P ) at 2005-02-13

wow, omg i know exactly how u feel about this person lol i wish i could write something as good as this to the guy i love kk ttul xoxo keep writing

~Remi_16~ ( C D ) at 2006-12-03

I like this poem have talent...keep up the good work...

Erin at 2006-12-18

I love this poem. love is incredible. keep writing are amazing at it!