Comments - MY LOVE FOR YOU iS REAL..

Karla at 2008-07-06

Your poem is a lovely piece of work and is well written with such emotion. It's as if you can feel the intense emotion in all of the words. Such imagination too. VERY WELL WRITTEN. I loved it!! Keep up the good work!!

Karla~ (TEXAS)

Kirsty at 2008-07-07

Really like this poem, it makes you feel love, i give you a five

Nimrodx at 2008-07-07

You got this from a song....i know the guys who wrote this....its not yours

Nimrodx at 2008-07-07

Well most of it

Alicia Jane ( P C ) at 2008-07-07

Aww i really like this,
i used too look up at da moon and do da same every night when my boy wasnt here,
but now he lives wif me so i dont have too.. just get his warmth every nite :]
really gud poem.

Holly at 2008-07-07

That was just perfect.
I loved it.

B at 2008-07-07

This is a wonderful and I've added it to my favorites. Keep It Up!!!

ivy rose grado at 2008-07-11

I can relate with your poem..

ivy rose grado at 2008-07-11

I can relate with your poem..

Dale Manczunski at 2008-07-16

Great poem!

leonel ( C D ) at 2008-07-16

I love it

XoX P3rf3ctly Imp3rf3ct XoX ( F ) at 2008-07-19

Tht is great how do u come up with tht sort of stuff its brillent

KiKi ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-22

OMG.... THIS POEM PRACTICLY EXPLAINS MY LIFE ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna at 2008-07-24

I Can Relateee To This Alottt. [:
Greattt Poem.