Comments - Forever?

summerbaby18 at 2008-07-25

This is such a good poem. Good job!

Melissa ( F C ) at 2008-07-27

Wonfully expressed your feelings keep up the good work!5/5

Michael D Nalley ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-27

You did remarkably well with the ABAB rhyme scheme which is very challenging

very cute poem 5/5

jewell ( F C D ) at 2008-07-28

Nice job i see where you are coming from keep up the great work

TheLegendaryDevilJan ( F P C D ) at 2008-07-28

This is a really good poem... it could've been done better though if u wrote ur poem like the 3rd stanza.. i liked how u asked if he still has one match... metaphors gives a poem a much better expression of how you feel... but yea ur poem is already good... i just feel like u could've expressed urself more =D

Annaam ( C D ) at 2008-07-28

This is one's a great write, all I can say! :)

Keep It Up! 8)

Alyssa at 2008-07-31

This is amazing.
very meaningful.
keep writing, you have much talent.
five of five :)

lilia ( F P C ) at 2008-07-31

This is beautiful!!! i feel the exact way right now...
5/5 loved itttt

Lil Ash at 2008-07-31

Amazing Job Well Done really good write kepp it up :)

lone princess at 2008-08-01

It is like a song..without melody...but with a harmony that'll let you feel like as if you were somewhere you've never been...its soo nice...

LoveTear ( F P C ) at 2008-08-02

Wooow very deep ... I love it !

Jaliah Lloyd at 2008-08-15

I think that this poem is so true i know where you coming from in this poem i have felt that way to in life about me and a person. Where is forever when you and a person fall out.

Martha ( F P C ) at 2008-08-18

Ik this feeling. that's y i hate saying forever in relationships, bc more often than not, it's not true. nice job :)