Comments - Love in Vain

Sweet lig ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-21

U know what, i can relate about the meaning of this poem coz how many times that i've been also love in vain, and i believe lots of people are also been through w/this situation,
anyway, it has a perfect poet and i can feel that the deep emotion was absolutely touches everyones heart more to those poeple who were LOVE IN VAIN like me hehe.. i love those lovely thoughts, its truly perfect portraying ur emotions and very expressive! keep on writing all what u fee.. excellent 5/5

HeartBreakHeaven ( F P C ) at 2008-08-21

That was a great poem i can relate to the loving in vain part i have yet to meet someone for myself yet. you did a great job portraying thee emotion that you were feeling. you have written a great poem very relate-able for many people i am sure. you also did a great job with your rhyming. keep up the good work. 5/5

XxFallenxFromxGracexX ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-22

Aww this poem is really really good
i really enjoyed reading it!
and the rhymming was really good, it flowed very nicely


Rachel ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-22

Clever and cute. I especially love your word choice in the second stanza. Good flow! Nice job!

HillaryNicole ( C ) at 2008-08-22

Aww this is so sweet and can be easily related to nothing wrong in this poem keep it up 5/5

TILLmyLASTtearFALLS ( F C ) at 2008-08-22

It was a truly beautiful write! Yes, most of times love comes when we least expect it, when we already gave up looking for someone, and that makes love even better :D.

Your choice of words and the rhymes really impressed me, I could feel so much emotion from you poem! I especially loved the way you ended it, varying the first stanza, beautiful!

'For I've loved to many times in vain,
Lied to my heart, covered the pain,
This time I know it's meant to be,
"I love her and she's my eternity".'

^^This will surely leave your special woman speechless :). Iâm happy for you two!
Take care and keep writing,
Best wishes,


Holly Marie Caron ( F C D ) at 2008-08-22

The flow is absolutely flawless..
I couldn't find any spelling mistakes or anything, and I really enjoyed the whole idea of the poem. Theres alot of emotion, and it's worded quite well too.

Kaya at 2008-08-24

True how so many people love in vain. Done that a few times. Lol. Loved the poem though!

Nikoshiana ( F P C ) at 2008-08-24

This is amazing, i love it

Milla ( F P ) at 2008-08-25

Ootstanding. perfect really. I gave up and am giving up right now. My angel i hope comes soon cuz i cant dare stay in highschool and watch my friends have faulty relionships.

'For I've loved to many times in vain,
Lied to my heart, covered the pain,

my fav 2 lines. it speaks so deep to many people cuz everyone in their time has loved in vain. great write!

Nz0 ( F C D ) at 2008-08-25

I love this poem almost as much as u must love her. its a wounderful blent of passion and experience, its great and i can relate. 5*

Karan ( F C ) at 2008-08-27

I luv her n shez ma eternity.... Luvly words that touched me the most... Rest this poem takes one into a land of dreams...

Keep it up

Nally at 2008-08-28

Such a Cool Poem !

Minkus ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-01

Superbly written. 5/5. I do have a few suggestions, although they don't detract from the quality of the work. First of all, the title, when one thinks about it, doesn't fit the conclusion (and therefore the overall meaning) of the work, even though it sounds good. Also, it's not perfectly proofread--both "to"s should have two o's. Finally, don't shy away from varying your punctuation; you could easily replace the period at the end of the second stanza with a question mark. Still, it's very well written.

MauLiCiouSss ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-01

Let love come to me, thats when it all began.
^^ You missed the comma here..XDD

A very sweet and lovely piece that would melt anyoneâs heartâ¦I liked the positive approach towards love on this poem. Everything seemed perfect. Written flawlessly and left me in a good mood. Good Job..

kiwi ( P ) at 2008-09-02

Wow that is really cute and sweet i llike this part best

Discovered my heart, not within my chest,
It belonged to her and I'm truly blessed,
Got what I wanted without looking at all,
My angel answered and I didn't even call.


Sara ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-02

Aww that was so cute baby made me smile :D 5/5 from mee for sure

Butterflies confuse the naive mind,
With open eyes how can we be so blind.

^ these 2 lines were really powerful, i felt, because so many people, including you and i, thought we were in love because of what we thought we felt. its so funny looking back on it now, and thinkign how crazy we were to actually believe we were in love. if that was love, i dont even know what we have would be considered. :)

Discovered my heart, not within my chest,
It belonged to her and I'm truly blessed,
Got what I wanted without looking at all,
My angel answered and I didn't even call.

^this was my favorite stanza :) it was so cute, and so true, because i feel this for you too. i have your heart and you have mine, weve had them all along, it just took us some time to realize it.

"My angel answered and I didn't even call."

this line pretty much sums up how we met, in a way at least. its crazy how quickly and suddenly you can meet the love of your life, but it goes to show that the best things in life are not expected, and those things are amazing to have, and also your extremely lucky if you get to experience the love that we do :)

everyone can relate to lying to their heart and pretending like everything is so much better than it actually is, but in our case, it is really amazing :) i love you so much :)

Sylvia ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-08

It is when we stop looking that love seems to find us.

kelleyana ( F P C D ) at 2008-12-12

I think you mean too many, and to many. You are an amazing, talented poet. I could read your words continuously. It merits 5/5, Keep on writing, kel.