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cher at 2008-08-22

Love this poem. So much feelin put into it. Keep up the great writing. :-D

Karl Wild AKA GodsGift ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-22

Wow this was really good I must admit, I loved the flow and the rhymes it made it so easy to read yet the emotions were so strong. People always ruin love and a chance at happiness for something that has no future at all, I never understood that. Great job though 5/5 for sure GG23 P.S. I would change a few words around slightly to make the poem even better, for example:

"Before you did the things above
Should've known your life without my love
Now you'll spend your life trying to find
Everything that you've left behind"

I would make it

Before you did these things above
Should've thought of life without my love
Now you'll spend your time trying to find
Everything that you left behind

Just a suggestion but it's still an amazing poem either way, excellent job GG23

Barbara Jean ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-23

Wow i thought this was perfect! so excellent for a contest! this was awesome! i totally loved it! instead of givin you a 5, ill give ya a 10! lol

Kayl ( P C ) at 2008-08-23

I absolutely love this poem

alejandra ( C ) at 2008-08-23

Wow this is amazing

Mishka ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-23

So so beautiful.... just simply amazing... great job.

MrsRonaldo ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-23


XxFallenxFromxGracexX ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-24

Wow i really liked this poem!
its so powerful
and the rhyming is beautiful

it sounds like a very tough situation to go through, and i hope that if you went through that everything has worked out alright for you

once again excellent poem i really enjoyed reading it


LostLove329 at 2008-08-24

Omg that is so funny im like in that same position.. Damn mama that's real cute! I LOVE IT!

Lynn Anderson ( F P C ) at 2008-08-24

That was a very fun poem to read! I really enjoyed that last part of it! Great poem!

Kaya at 2008-08-24

Hey! I really liked it! It's so amazing how complete strangers can relate to your personal writing! Keep it up!

Spoiled Princess at 2008-08-24


Nikoshiana ( F P C ) at 2008-08-24


Joanna Misponas at 2008-08-25

This poem is amazingly well written its so deadly but to tell the truth i kinda wrote a peom just like this...almost like this though...

Moe F at 2008-08-25

Wow grl that is just one great poem so deep so tough on the meant person

shawn hoskins ( F P C D ) at 2008-08-26

That was great wow i can relate to this poem,very great poem

Just ME at 2008-08-27

I love this poem of's awesome!!!
I've never actually met ot know someone that really "fall" in love with a boy/guy...they say that girls are the ones who fall, but like you say in this poem, there are boys that actually make mistakes that later on they are going to regret.
Good poem.!

Jennifer at 2008-08-29


Breaking Dawn ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-28

Great poem, this was really emotional and heartfelt. I love how you wrote this, and your rhyming was simple yet meaningful. 5/5 from me. Keep writing, always and forever...

NaiveGirl ( C ) at 2008-10-01

This poem is very well written.

the rhymes flowed nicely and i like how it told a story.

favourite line was
"Make those promises you cannot keep
Hide those secrets that haunt my sleep"

i could relate to it and it just fit so nicely

keep it up :)

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