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xXxemzxXx ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-02

Hey this is a great poem its filled with so much emotion i loved it, your flow is great too and i honestly cant find anything wrong with it 5/5

Sweet lig ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-02

U know what i can relate this poem coz there are times i felt that way, and more this line

Still I cry when I think of you,
Alone, where nobody can see,
Hurts not knowing what to do,
Are you still in love with me?

there are most of the time i also i ask my self in that way,, and also i like the last line.. seems really touches my heart and i told my self its kinda the story is behind me..

i really like the emotions the thoughts and the imagery, everywords are absolutely well expressed and deep feelings..

very marvelous work,, great rhyming! 5/5

NeverSayForever at 2008-09-02

Exellent poem 5/5

Nic39uy ( F P ) at 2008-09-04

Where is a kleenex when you need one? this is so sad, my eyes are so teary (hard for me to get tears), guess it helps when one can relate to the poem. sigh...but excellent choice of words, the flow was so smooth and i could visualize all this happening before my very eyes. bravo bravo, keep it up.

5/5 alright =)

liquidxdreams ( F P D ) at 2008-09-04

I reall liked this. i could really relate to it...great job!

tearsforeveryscar at 2008-09-04

That was really sad but i loved it. keep up the good work

Breaking Dawn ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-04

"Still I cry when I think of you,
Alone, where nobody can see,
Hurts not knowing what to do,
Are you still in love with me?"

Such beautiful rhyming and a great way to open up this poem, really grabbed my attention.

"Still I cry when I see you smile,
Nothing made me feel as alive,
I'd die to hear you laugh awhile,
Without you it's hard to survive."

This is so touching and sweet. Great emotions portrayed here.

"Still I cry when the phone rings,
Knowing your not on the other end,
The happiness your voice brings,
A broken heart would surely mend."

In the second line: your should be you're.

"Still I cry in my lonely dreams,
You always used to meet me there,
Pillows smother my silent screams,
In a bed we no longer share."

Terrific flow and this is so sad and heartbreaking.

"Still I cry as tear filled river's flow,
Without your love I'll surely die,
Still, I see your face wherever I go,
If you've ever wondered why, still I cry...."

I love this stanza, a wonderful ending. Overall this was a very meaningful and emotional poem. Nice work. Keep writing, always and forever...

TheHeartlessNobodyX ( F P D ) at 2008-09-05

Wow. I was just looking for a poem that expressed how I was feeling, and you nailed it.

Pillows smother my silent screams,
In a bed we no longer share.
^ These lines were excellent, they stuck out the most in the poem to me. There are filled with imagery. I like how you don't tell exactly what happened, and while you're filled with sorrow at the loss of someone important to you, it seems to me like you blame yourself for whatever happened. And how even now you blame yourself and still feel the sorrow. Amazing poem, i think it was drawn out just enough for all the emotion to be portrayed and then ended at the perfect time with crystal clear finality.

Kaila ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-05

Aw! this is so adorable!
well for starters I just want to say that this is very relatable and easy for the reader to understand. I enjoyed the fourth stanza a lot to me it was the most creative and held the most emotion. You painted a very clear picture with it. I thought the flow was pretty good you kept it very neat. The rhyming was right on I never got tired of it!
Great job

amy at 2008-09-05

Your poem made me cry.
brings back all the pain of a lost love.
well done!

HvNxInsanity Embracedx ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-05

This poem touched me so very deeply and brought the tears to my eyes. I feel this whole piece 110%, every word so true.
The ryme was excellent, and the flow was flawless. Another beautiful poem from you :}


lost in lovee ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-05

Ii loved it!
ii could really relate ta it cuhsz dhatsz how iim feelinq riqht now.
it flowed really qood.
ii kinda think it should be under 'lost love' instead of sad.


Nema ( F C D ) at 2008-09-05

Wow OMG, that was teary
I personally didn't think the poem held specials meanings before reading the last stanza.
I do think it's awesome, I can feel the pain you're going through, I think I'm in the same position.
be strong and god bless you :)
beautiful piece indeed
I got no other words to say
you left me speechless =]]
write on

Rachel ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-05

A bit cliche but the genuineness and flow make up for it. Catchy rhythm. The repetition makes it seem almost like a formed poem.

Robert ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-06

This poem had an overwhelming saddness too it. The images were vivid and the reader could really feel the pain you have conveyed I gave it a 5 good job Plot121

AblissfulDREAMER ( F C D ) at 2008-09-06

Loved it! It was so real and full of emotion. I can truly feel what you were expressing because surely it came straight from the heart. Your flow was flawless without anything seeming out of place or forced. I loved that last two stanza because its imagery was so powerful, I could picture what you were saying.

"Knowing your not on the other end"
^you mean "you're"

Well done. I really enjoyed reading this piece because it was real easy for me to relate with.

Prini at 2008-09-07

Omg :( thats is wat im feeling. it said wat i feel and think so well.

Sylvia ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-08

I have been there many times.

Ashley at 2008-09-08

This poem is amazing. It hits home in so many ways. Right now i feel excatly like that! You have a wonderful and amazing talent!

Joshua Lee at 2008-09-10

5/5! cliche of course, but no tale can grow too old if told well!

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