HEBA ( F C D ) at 2008-09-21

OH WOW.What a nice piece.It was really wonderful and amazing,I truly loved it.But don't worry sis may allah let you go back to him and stay together for ever.

Nice poem and really lovely.5\5...

Amena ( F ) at 2008-09-23

I love this poem. Good advices about how to keep a relationship going.
I especially loved the lines:
"Never give up on your love,
And hold on to what you are feeling in your heart.
For a love that is sincere, and strong,
Will be held together, no matter how far you are apart."

And “Do not let the seeds of jealousy,
Begin growing deep inside your heart.
Because if you let this happen without good cause,
Your relationship will surely be doomed to fall apart.”

5/5, beautifully written. The whole poem was beautifully written.. Keep it up..

Sweet lig ( F P C D ) at 2008-09-25

Im so touch w/ this piece! im actually affected about the message coz i had also love someone so far away from me. so this poem is really great, for me it really has a great dedication. though its kinda long but very meaningful and enjoyable. most of all i've learned alots w/this great piece!!! i love it keep it up 5/5

BleednLOVE ( F C ) at 2008-09-26

Amazing work,, you encourage loyalty, honesty, peace, respect etc; all through love :)

sarah at 2008-09-26

I really really loved it.. its a very encourging poem..
what i loved the most is the way u showed
how it might be really hard to have that kind of relationship
but on the other hand, the love between
two people should be stronger than the distance.. very good job ^^

LAYD33 D3SiR3 ( C ) at 2008-09-26

Wow im jealous ..great the emotions ..if was heartwarming...

Doodi at 2008-09-26

can this poem make me cry any much more
looooooooooooved it
added to ma favs
keep it up please

NeverSayForever at 2008-10-22

I love some one far away but i know he no longer loves me as much. Anyway amazing poem. I know how you feel. It is hard. 5/5.x

Emily ( P ) at 2008-12-10

Beautiful. I can relate. Thanks for the encouragment. (:

Melody ( F C ) at 2008-12-11

Unfortunately not always long distance relationship works out, and sometimes jealousy is reasonable...
Nice poem, keep it up!5/5

TONIANNA at 2012-10-19

I really enjoyed this...and I thought I can write...:)