Comments - Dreaming of that day

Brett at 2006-12-19

I can't believe I missed this poem. This is one of the most beautiful love poems I've ever read.

Alex Slack at 2006-12-20

Sweetie, you are an amazing poet, the way you capture your readers in just one breathe is austonishing. you have a beautiful way of using your words, these poems are the uttermost precious.

Brenden ( F ) at 2007-01-03

This poem is amazing! you are definately an artist i don'thave much on this web sight now, but i would apreciate someone who is this good to critique my work! but as for this wow!

katie at 2007-01-23

Cute poem its really good!! keep writing!!

Kayla at 2007-04-05

This is so go. I love it. Keep on writing.

Qpids at 2007-05-12

Woahhhhhhhhh....this poem ever i read.....ur so good la...u can captivate the heart of the readers....keep it up...two thumbs up ^_^

Brittney ( F C D ) at 2007-08-12

In the last line 'heart' should be 'hearts' I do believe.
This is a great poem with very deep emotions put into it. I love it. Great write!

Kenny ( F P C D ) at 2007-11-02

Absolutely wonderful my dear!!!! the emotions are very widely expressed. I loved it!! 5/5 ^^,

whitney at 2008-04-25

Awwww. it almost made me cry that was one of the best ive read on this site and im new so good job:)

Detroite at 2008-08-01

Wow congratzzz ^^

Smiles at 2008-09-04

That was a beautiful poem very inspiring and caring, almost brought a tear into my eye ;)