Comments - Once Upon A Time

0oAshleyo0 ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-17

this is ABSOLUTLY the BEST poem i have EVER read! i love it! 100 and 10 percent here! great great GREAT job!!!!!!

"But once upon a time.
The rain began to fall.
And you, Prince Charming, ran.
Leaving her with it all."
isnt this always the way it happens... the guy runs, leaving the girl to feel alone and used... Great way of showing this! love it!!!!
oh wow... i still cant get over how AMA-ZA-ZAZING this really is!

15/5 :)

Jessica ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-17

WOW I LOVE IT!!!!! It's one of the best poems I have ever read. I love how you use Prince Charming and Cinderellla. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ღ~ jeSSica ~ღ~ ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-22

Cute, lilo, short poem. i like it! 5/5

Natalie at 2008-10-22

Awesome poem

Sourav ( F P C D ) at 2008-11-04

This is a good write. I appreciate your attempt to write a emotional poem like this. It's well constructed. Good one.