Comments - Her dream guy....

Imperfectly Writing On The Walls ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-19

Aww, cupcake! That's so sweet, sad and touching.
Now is when I hope this story isn't one sided and the girl comes around or isn't also thinking the same thing about the guy without him knowing.

You know like some of the back and forth love novels, you want to throw at the wall when they don't just say what the feel and take a chance. Lol. (Sorry, bambling.)

Anyway, very heartfelt piece and touching write. ^^
- Shining Star

Innocent Fairy ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-19

I think sometimes it's great to take a risk cuz u never know what the future holds and things sometimes never unfold until someone makes the firat move or something like that an amazing write I loved it 5/5

Adreamer ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-19

Dang. The emotions are here so well written and the word choice is stunning. Excellent piece

Andrea at 2012-01-19

Wow, That poem is good.

Angel ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-20

O my gosh! that is so sweet and so relatable especially for me. It really shows feeling passion and want. Its amazing i love it. a 5 from me :)

Jaida ( F C ) at 2012-01-20

I love this...its AMAZING:)

PinkyPrincess ( F P C D ) at 2012-01-20

Wow, Matt, this poem is so lovely yet sad...

I love the first stanza, it really captivated me, and I love this part "holding her pillow close to her heart" .. it was so significant, showing how she's lonely, or looking for love.. it moved me!

I love how you described this woman... she just seems perfect and lovely... it was sweet imagery that any girl would be flattered by your words!

And the last two stanzas were sad... and made me feel for this person... who wants to be more than friends with her... and if this is a true story you need to go for it! instead of waiting and just being the friend :)

Amazing poem my friend!!! Love it :)

StevenSilvernail at 2012-01-27

Nice I love it

OneLife OneLove at 2012-01-28

I relate to it coompletely.My story.I loved the way you could express those feelings.Sometimes it takes risking the friendship to find a love that will endure all things.

Added to my favs 5/5

Gravity at 2012-02-03

This is so good Love it. 5/5

sarah ( F ) at 2012-02-03

This is the cuttestt thing everr... Love itt!