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Ben Pickard ( F C D ) at 2016-06-05

Hello Hawkeye and a belated welcome to the site.

This is an excellent post from you - so melodic, I could almost imagine singing along to it, especially with the repetition of that stanza which acts almost like a chorus.

Great stuff and keep writing,


Hawkeye14 at 2016-06-06

Any suggestions of whether or not too send the poem to a former lover or to hold onto them for myself?

deeplydesturbed ( F P C D ) at 2016-06-07

Hawkeye.. I would take the chance and send it to them. Then at least your not sitting there in 30 years time wondering what if you had..
It will be hard and it is risky, and they may reject it.. but at least you know and can move on.. :)

i love this poem