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Amanda at 2004-07-12

Hey! this poem is soo tru!! Its tha way I feel about my friend!!

samantha at 2004-07-12

this was awesome! i feel this way about my friend and i am going insane because of it! help me?

Silent Death ( F P D ) at 2004-07-12

heya. i can so c where this came from. i feel that way bout a really close friend of mine. and thanks 2 my big-mouth of a friend they now know. great poem!!!

€ml †rkld ( F P ) at 2004-07-12

Hey Im Sorry That Your Friend Spilled The Beans Yeah My Friends As Well Are Trying To Hook Me And One Of My Guy Friends Up. Im Not Sure How He Is Going To Take It But My Friends Say That He Said He Likes Me So I Dont Know Im Just Hoping That Things Work Out.

Allen ( F C D ) at 2004-07-12

What a great poem, I love it :) I do wish you the best with regard to your friend ;) and also to everyone that made comments here :D

tasha ( F P ) at 2004-07-13

its rely gd ur rely talented my poems r 2 childish in a way ya no and i'm goin through da same and my m8 spilled it as wel lol its rely gd

jabari formally known as jeffrey ( F P ) at 2004-07-13

ok i can really relate to your poem, a while ago i was in that sort of delima, for me it was like reading my feelings and emotions that i uesd to have , when i got to the last line of your poem my heart damn-near dropped
p.s keep up the good work

Calli at 2004-07-13

I really liked your poem.... I feel the same way but instead with me... I told him and he told me that I was like a sister to him and thats all I would ever be I felt so bad but then I realized that its better that we are friends then nothing at all..

tanisha at 2004-07-14

thats a really cute poem

~* Joyful *~ ( F P C D ) at 2004-07-14

Hey i really like your poem, it had alot of meaing in it and it was very decriptive so i was able to have a picture in my head..

LeAnNe ( F P C ) at 2004-07-14, I loved this poem! I know exactly how you feel...I'm going through the same thing and a lot of my poems are written on the same subject... check some out if ya want :-) lemme know what chya think.
*two thumbs up*

Maybeth ( F P C ) at 2004-07-19

I LOVED THIS POEM ! It really touched me . . I used to really liked one of my best friends who was a guy and it SUCKED .. If it is true I wish you luck ! Keep It Up !

superman ( F P ) at 2004-07-19

very nice indeed. i really enjoyed it. great job. please comment on mine.


€ml †rkld ( F P ) at 2004-07-19

Thanks For All The Comments :) I Love Hearing From All Of You And What You Think! Please Keep Them Coming!
Love Always,

Tinker Bell ( F C ) at 2004-07-20

this is a great poem!!! you have a true gift. dont worry though, i'm sure that your friend will come around somday. it happened to me...i liked my best friend and he finally came around. good luck!


Jona ( P ) at 2004-07-21

I know exactly where your coming from... awsome poem!

Kharisma ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-17

great poem.....keep writin..

olivia at 2005-03-03

hey i really like this poem because i think that all girls have felt this way sometime in their life about one of their guy friends i know that i have.

kayla T ( F P C ) at 2007-01-25

This is really good ! keep it up!

Lemon Square Bear23 ( F P C ) at 2009-02-16

I totally loved this poem notto long nor short it was Amazing!!! 5/5 always

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