Comments - Wanted Suicide

Sarah at 2004-09-26

wow...that is so sad! but it is really good. all i can say i wow....

adriana mason at 2004-09-26

wow really nice poem. really sad but its good!

jamie25 ( C ) at 2004-09-27

this is so sad! but well written! nice work!

khue tran at 2004-10-13

it reallyyy go0d

Sammie at 2004-11-02

shit good job i mean

Hurt at 2004-11-09

holy fricken crap that was good, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! you've got TALENT!

Kara at 2004-11-12

Wow, that was beatiful. I love your poem, it made me cry. *smiles grimly* Im such a sucker for poems.

Jennifer at 2004-11-14

That was a nice poem.

ALEXANDRA at 2004-11-21


Chloe at 2004-11-25

Really sad poem! Great though! Love it x

Drea at 2004-12-08


Leslie at 2004-12-18

Wow... Great poem.. Hope you're strong enough to pull throuh!!!

Sarah ( F C ) at 2004-12-26

that's a really really good poem! i hope your ok! you've got talent. i hope you keep writing cause i like reading your poems they are really good! =) check out mine sometime if you want

becka at 2005-01-13

dat was a very gd poem bt ya no wt PLEASE dnt do anyfin stupid i mean i've bin fru alot of shit n i tried kilin maself bt thn i ad m8s n family 2 elp me fru n in da end i gt a new bf.U c my bf died n dat was realy ard 2 cope wiv bt i ad family n friends ryt by myside all da way fru n all u need 2 do is no dat u can do beta!!! THERE'S PLENTY MUR FISH IN DA C!!! xxx

Dona at 2005-02-08

You have to understand that there comes a time in everyones life that life is tooo much to handle. Life is a strange ride! Enjoy it and fight it! At the end you'll surprise yourself. You'll see. =) Good job! Fantastic poem!!!

DaNiElLe at 2005-02-17

i like it. its good. i think that your good

Rachy at 2005-02-18

when i read this i got the was soo sad but it was good!! *5* goood job

Lacie at 2005-02-28

that is great n i kinda feel the same way i love that poem

no1 at 2005-03-12

this is so awsum!!!!! i LOVED IT!:)

Dani Fitch ( F P C ) at 2005-04-08

hehe aww thanx guys :) i was pretty down when i wrote this poem. but im fine, lifes sweet!!
xoxo dani

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