Comments - Dedicated to every girl in the world

Cox ( F P ) at 2004-07-28

thanks and thats what i was tryig to get out of this to show that girls love it when you love them and treat them like theyre the world well most i dont wanna put any words in some girls mouths....

Cox ( F P ) at 2004-07-28

uhh????? what was that? thanks for your comments

Lace at 2004-07-29

You seem to have alot of insight into what women want. Congratulations! With an attitude like that I'm sure you could melt the heart of any girl. I know your words melted mine. Thanks

Cox ( F P ) at 2004-07-29

:0) thanks everyone.....much love to all take care and keep writin this guy sure will

Michelle ( F P ) at 2004-07-29

Woa, im not sure if your female or male... but if you a male your girl is sure lucky. Thats amazaing and how i dream of being treated, its like the perfect guy! woah hmm it put a lump in my throat!!! well keep up the good work and hope whoever is with you either treats you like that or you treat her like that! Its almost too perfect... love it alot

Cox ( F P ) at 2004-07-29

haha yea im a guy and wish i had a girl to treat that way...but dont....and thanks it means a lot a lot of love

mary ( F P ) at 2004-07-29

That was so sweet and beautiful, and there should really be more guys out there that think like that, because that is exactly how we deserve to be treated.

Cox ( F P ) at 2004-07-29

mee too you all deserve the best

Cox ( F P ) at 2004-07-29

mee too you all deserve the best....much love

* Hittle* ( P C ) at 2004-07-29

Awesome. It brought tears to my eyes. Just for the fact I know that the guy I'm in love with don't love me back. I just wish one day he will treat me like that. Loved it. There should be more guys like you out there in the world. Keep it up. Love, Hittle

Richard Bottary ( F C ) at 2004-07-29

Wow....that was excellent. I feel the same way. I wish I had a girl I could be like that to. I'd do everything it says on there. I'd always stay true. Nice work...keep it up.

люсе ( F ) at 2004-07-30

awww dats a really sweet poem
keep up the good work!

Amy at 2004-07-30

Great poem it's very sweet!

Cox ( F P ) at 2004-07-30

thanks everyone and if you wanna eemail me im at
take lots and keep writin

NJC ( F P ) at 2004-07-31

love yo poem!

Grace ( F C D ) at 2004-08-01

Wonderful! That was so sweet!


Samantha ( F ) at 2004-08-01

hi sweetie, your poem is the best poem ive read about love written by a guy. No offense. You hit it right on the dot. Congrats. You will make a woman the luckiest one alive. More guys should think the way you do. In todays society its very hard to find.

KJP at 2004-08-01

omg the best part was the last! that's soooooo sweet! omg i wish every guy was like u! if every guy was like u there would b a lot better guys out there! omg i love u already haha jp! AWESOME worth the 5

Megan at 2004-08-01

that was so adorable...aww just so sweet i loved it!~

Bonny at 2004-08-01

you said you don't have a girl to traat her that way like in the poem, how come? who could resist a guy who wrote such sweet thing. Good Luck.
And the poem is really sweer.

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